Water Music on Mixed Media & Musical Monday

Today the Musical Monday theme is My First Concert

while Mixed Media Monday's prompt is Meaningful Music

When I was 10 we moved from our tiny town to a slightly larger, picturesque city by the sea. Though we only there 2 years, my eyes (& ears) were opened to some life altering experiences. My Mom started taking me to the local "Opera House" where I was introduced to everything from Shakespeare to Gilbert & Sullivan. She also took me to a number of concerts, mostly chamber music & classical soloists. And then 1 day.... it was Respighi's Pines of Rome! That was it - I was sold on both classical music & dreams of visiting Rome.

Trevi Letters

For a while I've wanted to paint again. Just too busy to work on anything big right now. So I've been "sketching" in my ancient photoshop elements. Trevi Letters is my prep for a bigger piece inspired by the 3rd movement from Respighi's Fontane di Roma. Think of it as part of series of love letters to Rome.

If you are curious, I digitally collaged a scrap of printed paper, a Polaroid emulsion transfer made from a close up of the Trevi fountain (yes, I did make it to Rome), and a charcoal drawing of a cellist from years ago. Then I played with some colors & swirls but when I printed it out, it looked like mud (my printer sucks). Rather than toss the print, I had fun adding watercolors, pencils, markers, white paint & gel pens. Unfortunately, I can't seem to capture the shimmer of the gel pens or the white highlights, but you get the basic idea.

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By the way, still accepting entries for 2 random drawings:

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  1. cool! both the themes went great together!!

    more conservative than mine indeed! but, wow!!!

  2. very beautiful. with great color combination.

  3. It's really dreamy and beautiful Stacey.

  4. How clever you are with that photoshop elements...bravo darlin...some wonderful childhood memories there with those operas...

  5. Ah yes beautiful Rome - how I would love to visit too....
    That's such a great piece. Very clever.

  6. Wow, this is wonderful! Diane

  7. Very nice Stacey, you are so creative in PS.

  8. Good for you not giving up on a bad print! I love the idea of working it with color.

    Okay.. I'm a day late.. but I happened on this piece and love it.


  9. Fantastic combination of traditional collage and digital collage. This is beautiful.

  10. That is an amazing piece. You visual artist types really fascinate me. :) I wish I could half of that type of work... it's gorgeous!

  11. Love your beautiful and creative piece.

  12. Oooh, somebody said "dreamy". That is perfect. Dreamy and colorful and always love your art.

  13. This is very tranquil, very hypnotic. It really have me starring.