Monday's Muse, Musical Monday & Melange Challenge

Today is just MM MM M good!

Night Sky Diver

It all started with the latest Melange art challenge. The prompt is FLY. That has me all over it. I have been obsessed with flight as far back as I can remember. If I wasn't up a tree, I was hiding in plain site on the roof. You'd be amazed how rarely adults look up. Or making kites. Or designing wings. Or ...you get the idea...

A Blustery Day

Al Stewart's Flying Sorcery (The Rhymes with Rooms version) has been stuck in my head for days. I tried to find a listen for you but couldn't locate anything longer than 30 seconds on Amazon. He covers all folks airborne from Icarus & DaVinci to Amy Johnson & The Red Baron. Click on the song title if you want to read the lyrics

Icarus Who?

Had a bazillion ideas in my head & half of them are actually doable. But the ole nemesis, Time, has been messing with my reality again. The challenge will be updated soon & I just can't let this one get away. So I'm just going to post some pieces you may have already seen here before. Sorry for the repetition.

Red's Escape

Basically, I've raided my etsy shop, ArtSnark, for this post.

Penny Farthing Dream

If you want a closer look just click on any pic

Spiral Diver

A little extra treat for Musical Monday, here's the opening sequence of The Last Exile. Song is Cloud Age Symphony by Shuntaro Okino. It has a really intriguing beginning.

It's a great story, by the way. Left me obsessed with the Immelmann Turn for a while. All I ever managed was this doodle though. I know it will be popping up again sometime soon.

Immelmann Turn

Final Thought:
Monday's Muse today addresses change. I firmly believe that change is good. My latest change has been the addition of Thursday Giveaways to this blog. It is just so much fun giving stuff away & the excitement the winners have is definitely contagious. This week's prize is Alisa Burke's Book Canvas Remix. Simply leave a comment on this blog before noon (EST) Thursday 6/11 to be entered in the random drawing. For details click HERE


  1. Ahh to fly would be amazing!! Up, up and away! I too envy birds at times. Love your pieces! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugging you

  2. lovely work as usual! Your new Thursday endeavor sounds very interesting...can't wait to see what becomes of it!

  3. Uau, Red's Escape is really gorgeous!
    Thanks for visiting me!

    Francisco Martins

  4. Red's escape is my favourite, there where some grate flight drawing in the video, thanks for sharing.