... the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. - Wikipedia

It is present at all times, you just have to be open to possibilities. A key ingredient of art, life & love, serendipity can lead you to the most interesting people & places.

Often at the unlikeliest moments, when it seems all is lost.

I found this wonderful quote on wiki from John Barth's The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor, "--- you don't reach Serendib by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere and lose your bearings… serendipitously." Sounds like a fun read.

One of my favorite words, Serendipity is also this week's Mix It Up With Melange challenge prompt. You can add your own piece or see what others have created by following the link & checking the comment section.


Speaking of serendipity, perhaps you came here today looking for art or some capricious thoughts. You've also stumbled onto a chance to enter tomorrow's random drawing. Tomorrow's prize is a $20 gift certificate to Will Oaks Studio online jewelry shops. Just leave a comment before noon (EST) on 6/18 to enter. Click HERE for details as well as an interview with the jewelry designer, Karen Stahlecker. There are also photos of her gorgeous pieces and links to her online shops.

She also sent some cool pics that didn't make it into last Thursday's post. Been meaning to share them for days - sorry about that. It has been an especially challenging week

Here is her studio.

Will Oaks Studio (where real the magic happens)

I don't know know about you, but I always get a kick out of seeing people's work spaces. Feels like taking a little peek into their brains. Wow, if that were true then my brain looks like a hurricane just passed through!

I just love this next photo!

Karen and Dakota out on a photo shoot

If you get a moment, pop on over to the Will Oaks Studio blog. In addition to her lovely jewelry, she is always posting the most amazing nature photos.


  1. I love to see the studios of other artists as well. As for mine...well..eeeeekkkkk!!!!! Hurricane is an understatement!! I am truly reorganizing. Really!! LOL!
    Lovely photo...that tree is awesome.
    Hugging you

  2. Love reading your blog! And thanks for the vocab lesson - I didn't know what serendipity was! And it sounds absolutely beautiful! I like to think I am open to new adventures and opportunities. I love to wander into a blog and find something fabulous like I did with yours today! Thanks! Beth

  3. I love how you did the water on the Ship of fools!

    How did you get the images on the skeleton leaves on the Kiss? it looks really cool!

  4. I love "The Kiss" and "Ship of Fools"

  5. What a talented artist! I love those earrings with the orange. Her studio looks like magic could occur there!

    Your serendipity art is absolutely amazing! You also have the best explanation for "serendipity" that I've read....I may have to rethink my own art I was working on. :-)

    MidwestieLady on etsy

  6. I agree intirely! Somethimes, the greatest things happen accidentally! Nice photos, drawing and leaf experiment!


  7. I just love "The Kiss". Beautiful!

  8. Now I really need to read that John Barth book.....thanks honey....