Thursday Giveaway part 2 - You Are So Lucky!

New Thursday means a new prize, so let’s get rolling!
Remember Karen over at Will Oaks Studio?

You made her so happy with all of your generous comments, that she’s decided to play with us again. Woo Hoo! This week’s Thursday Giveaway prize is a $20 gift certificate for use in either her fabulous Etsy or Artfire shops. (More details at end of this post)

She’s also agreed to share with us a bit more about herself and her beautiful jewelry:

"I've been a working artist all of my adult life, with art degrees and all of that. The first few decades of my career (I got an early start AND I've seen a few birthdays...) were in sculpture--particularly sculpture that incorporated my hand made paper. I did large installations and dimensional wall pieces and worked with museums and galleries for exhibition. About 15 years ago, I became more serious about making "artists books" and these were also exhibited, are in private and public collections, and were much smaller in scale...but after almost 30 years of hand papermaking and using paper, my interests began to change.

I began to experiment with "wire, stones, glass and fiber" about 5 years ago because a friend turned me on to "beading" and, as a long time lover of jewelry (and collector and wearer!), I was very intrigued. You see, the past 6 years, I've been back on the "family farm" in my town of origin after many years of traveling and living all over the U.S. and Europe. It's been a challenging change for me as I began caring for my father whose health was failing, and ended up running our farm and seasonal campground. And taking over one of the bedrooms here which has evolved into my new studio.

I've discovered I just love pearls and tend towards natural materials including silver, copper and stones....but I also have an extreme fondness for Czech pressed glass, so these materials, often pulled together with fibers and leather, are my mainstays. I get a lot of my inspiration from nature and have "practiced" photography since I was a child...and so am very happy with the speed and ease now available with digital photography. Since I'm living in such a lovely place, and since I tend to plant things where ever I live, the gardens here have really been an incredible inspiration for me this Spring.

Although I work as an artist...I love engineering challenges and for me, wearable art pieces often give me plenty of those! I want my pieces to "wear well" and besides choice materials, I pride myself on careful and beautiful craftsmanship. I hope my pieces give the customer a lot of pleasure to look at and to wear and that they will serve well for many years to come. My work is available online at both my Etsy shop WillOaksStudio.etsy.com and at my ArtFire shop WillOaksStudio.artfire.com. Stop by any time! If you're curious about the campground, the gardens, the farm and the "messy business of making art behind the gallery views" do check my blog at willoaksstudio.blogspot.com "

Now how cool is that?

What Karen hasn’t mentioned here is that she has some shows coming up. She could really use some input on which of her pieces YOU like best, and why. If you’re willing to help, take a peek in her Etsy & Artfire shops. Then leave a comment either here or on her blog as to which pieces or styles you like the best. I must stress it is NOT necessary to do this to be entered this week’s random drawing. You are just giving Karen some feedback so she can choose which pieces to use in her upcoming shows.

To enter this Thursday Giveaway: Just leave any comment here at ArtSnark's between now & noon (EST) next Thursday June 18th. 1 random winner will be chosen.

Please be sure your contact info is correct. You don't have to leave an email, as long as I can track you down easily through blogger. If I do not hear from you within 10 days of your name being drawn, I'll go back through the list and choose an alternate winner.

Once again, this week’s fabulous prize is a $20 merchandise certificate, for use in WillOaksStudio’s Etsy or ArtFire shop, to be used as a credit towards any total purchase. This includes shipping charges. So if you want a totally free piece of jewelry, find the piece you like & then subtract the shipping charge from the $20. The remaining total is what you have to spend on a new piece of jewelry. Karen states that “I will refund $20, max, through PayPal after normal check out. BUT there's no cash value (and no cash refunds if the entire amount isn't used) AND it must be "spent" before September 30, 2009 or it expires. "

All images in this post are copyright of Will Oak Studio


  1. Count me in. I'm off to check out her shop now, but have to say, pearls are ALWAYS a winner in my book.

    Thanks Karen for sharing your beautiful work!

  2. Her jewelry is beautiful! My favorite piece is the Pinks and Flowers Bracelet on Etsy. It reminds me of the mimosa tree I played in as a child.


  3. I love the white pearl piece, I believe it is the 3rd photo down. I LOVE pearls and I wear them with faded jeans as much as others wear them with dress clothes! Nice pieces!

  4. Speaking of winners....

    Stacey you've won my Tips and Technique Contest. I sent you a convo via ETSY!

    Thanks for participating!

    Linda a/k/a Mamapainter

  5. Her work is AMAZING! I love the golden rod and citrine flowers. http://www.grouseandbadger.blogspot.com

  6. Her work is beautiful! I love these two pieces:


  7. really adorable work!! Organic Hoops and Orange Flower earrings are my favorite!!!

  8. Beautiful jewelry! A lucky girl who wins this!!

  9. Thanks so much for your comments, all!! Keep them coming because it really helps me!!

  10. I love her simple, yet elegant jewelry...my favorite has got to be this gorgeous pearl necklace.


    And this one with a hint of green.


    I could go on and on, but will stop for now :)

  11. I love your items- you are very talented

  12. My favorite piece in the shop is the delicate Pretty in Pink pearl necklace....it's very pretty!


  13. Hi,
    I like the ones that use the bell beads best, all of the colours!

    I think is is so grate that you got a little interview with her too!


  14. Oh wow -- that's what a call a wonderful chance. :) I love the jewelry as well as how it's photographed.

    Greetings from Munich,

  15. I so love her jewelry designs and am a proud owner of a pair of earrings she created!! woohoo!! I agree with dreameyce....love pearls too!! Throw my name into the pile. I am in!!

  16. The 'Rain On A Blue Flower' earrings are absolutely irresistable! I covet them.

  17. oh what lovely jewels! Thanks Karen for giving us an opportunity! from Deb Taylor heritagehaus@yahoo.com

  18. ooo love the Lotus Bud earrings!!! and does she ship to canada??

  19. WOW! Such fabulous work! I am a big fan of the orange earrings. I think they were listed first. I am definitely off to check her shop! Thanks, ArtSnark, for introducing me to more of the beauty in this world!

  20. Ooh! Such lovely work! I really love the pearl necklace pictured in this post!

  21. beautiful, I love pearls. jennifer
    queendragonfairie at yahoo.com

  22. What beautiful work, very nicely made and clearly the work of an artist.

  23. I really like the Turquoise Tears necklace because I love the gemstone and it's a unique presentation :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  24. thanks so much for the entry! I love your quaint reviews and giveaways! :)


  25. Oh I love these1 They're too pretty! My favorite items from the etsy shop are Keishi Pearl Cluster with Sterling Chain neck piece, Simple (but not ordinary) White Pearl necklace, Ivory Cascade neckpiece, and the Picasso Jasper pendant.


  26. frankly i am in love with so many of the pearly pieces that i would have a hard time choosing one.... :)

  27. Very elegant and fun. I love the flower earrings. Sure hope I'm the lucky one!

  28. Aren't? they all wonderful. I have say that pearls are definitely my thing. What wonderful pictures and your post is quite lovely.

  29. Such lovely pieces. I would have a difficult time choosing just one!

  30. Great giveaway, great artist, so glad I stopped by from Mom dot.
    I love the leather and pearls together. The bead earrings that look like trumpet flowers are also lovely. Thank you so much.

  31. I like the Many Moonstones Dangle earrings.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  32. beautifully artistic jewelry...

    I thought for sure I had left a comment last week...the mind is going LOL

  33. Love the features you do..her jewelry is original and beautiful

  34. ooohhhh a give away! And such beautiful things, too! What fun! I love them all!

  35. very pretty work con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  36. I enetered the other contest because I thought her jewlery was so beautiful! Here's hoping I win the second time around! Thanks!

    MsLatina (AT) latinaonamission (DOT) com

  37. oh darn, I missed this giveaway. I am in love with the pearl necklaces. Oh my, just beautiful. And love the earrings too. Well, all of it is just beautiful. It is nice to see something so different and fresh.


  38. what beautiful jewlery.....

    count me in as well for the contest.

    check out my sites everyone where I made handmade photo note cards, as well as fine art prints which look fab in your den, office, or any other room.


  39. I have to say I love the 'shimmering teardrop earrings' from the ArtFire studio. So simple, so clean... they look very wearable.