RTT is great...but can you dance to it?

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. ~Japanese Proverb

I sooo love Random Tuesday. It's the bebop of blogging. Welcome to the jam session! Grab a button & play along


After 60 years clarinetist Stanley Drucker is retiring from the NY Philharmonic. He will have played in over 10,200 concerts. I caught this story in the shower this morning. He talked about backstage poker games in the 40s & other cool stuff. Learn a bit about Stanley at NPR.

Check out this vivacious gal from ArtFreebies

But she should be wearing this!!

Or anything else from BoringSidney

Take a minute & check out this fab etsy shop (great photos too)

The Lituus is back! WooHoo! Ok, so you can't see the mild sarcasm. Actually this is very cool.

I nicked the photo from Physorg.com. There's also an article & slide show on the recreation of this extinct musical instrument .

Last Wednesday's Melange challenge prompt was Dance. To play along, just CLICK HERE & link to your dance themed art.While you are there, visit the other lively pieces .

I was fussing with a collage for the challenge, but The Muse & I both wanted to lead. After stepping on each others toes, she elbowed me in the ribs & we went our separate ways. In the meantime here's an ACEO I made a while back.

She looks kind of unpleasant so I've decided she's really a Gorgon. Her sisters are here too.

These pieces are in layers & the top layer is a gold frosted paper.

They're all a little "off" - that metallic paper is a bear to photograph. It is kinda cool in hand though. Hold it one way you see the image. Tilt it a bit & all you see is the frosty gold & text.

Popped over to godchecker.com (great site by the way) & tossed Medusa into the search. I'd forgotten that she was once a lovely lady before a jealous Athena got a hold of her. Apparently her sisters, Stheno & Euryale, are super nasty AND immortal. Don't want to be running into them down some dark alley.

The Un Mom

Somebody else who scares me a little, but in a good way, Is Keely The Un Mom. She's sort of the conductor (or is it high priestess?) of the Random Tuesday Thoughts orchestra. And the only person I (really don't) know who is taking on ninjas, chocolate cake, and dead mice all at once today.

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  1. That is one vivacious gal all right! Love it!

  2. Only you would have found a Lituus for your RTTs! You always find the neatest links, etc.! It's unbelievable that Stanley Drucker spent 60 years with the NY Philharmonic. Five years anywhere seems like a long time to me!

  3. I have to say you are one of the best bloggers out there! You always find these amazing links.
    Great job!

  4. everytime i check your blog - which hasn't been many i'm ashamed to admit - i always get a little bit mad at myself for not properly stalking you.

    i also feel a little bit more cultured when i leave your blog.

    great randomness.

  5. Do you sometimes feel like you had a previous life, say, 300 b.c. in Rome? Absolutely fascinating to see your ACEO and other art with a modern style so close to ancient art! Coooool.

  6. You got me to go to the UnMom! Great stuff..love your blog too.

  7. That was very cool reading about Stanley. :)

  8. I agree with Pam, you do indeed have the BEST blog. Love the "dance" lady. Always love your work.

  9. Ahhh I feel quite breathless after waltzing through your post...so interesting...off to check out the links...

  10. so we might as well dance... yeah maybe that is the solution...

    Grate dress, would love to have one of those.

    Metallic paper sounds interesting, king of hard getting good a good look at it on the photos, but I'll love to hear/see more about your experiences with it!


  11. Oh I love the dancing girl! You can totally see the fabric blowing in the wind.